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Fitness Boot Camps Canada Bootcampers love to share their success stories! The following comments are from real bootcampers’ written testimonials and interviews.

October 20, 2007
"Dear Allan: I want to say thank you as I had so much fun at Boot camp, it was hard but I saw amazing results. I lost 13 lbs of body fat in only 30 days. I run a day home and my energy levels have to be at their peak for my kids at all times. Fitness Boot Camps Canada is the answer and I am recommending it to all my parents and friends!"

Jolene Roberts
See you OCT 29th for the next camp as Ii have signed up again.
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September 22, 2007

Alberta Bootcamp has been so great for me that even at 7 in the morning I am looking and feeling more confident. After one of the really cold morning camps in bowness I stopped by for my morning coffee at Tim Horton's. I was wearing a gigantic oversized hoody but I still felt great! While in line a young VERY attractive guy started hitting on me, he said I was very strong and admirable for getting up in the morning and taking care of my body and mind. He then proceeded to ask the guy behind the counter for a pen and gave me his number and bought me my coffee...It only goes to show you that it is obvious to all...even at 7am that you are taking care of yourself and have more confidence after bootcamp!

Christina Parker

PS: Here is a picture of me at my Wedding.
Fitness boot camps Canada's Bridal Boot camp got me in amazing shape for my wedding!

Monday, September 17, 2007
Hi Allan.
Thanks for the note. I have been keeping really busy. I am working out
at home to the Get Ripped Series of DVDs so I've kept up my weights and
workouts. I've also been golfing 3 or 4 times a week. I appreciate
your classes because they got me back into regular workouts. Thanks!

Velma Scott, PLand BA
Consulting Landman
Barnwell of Canada, Limited

1. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the BEST, the BOMB) how would you rate your first week of camp? Please explain…
I absolutely love it. I’m pumped up for it every morning. I may have one eye still closed but I love the feeling of a good workout early in the morning.
Charlotte Manchester- Calgary, AB

Calgary Fitness Boot Camps Canada is the most challenging and fun time I have ever had. In four week I saw noticeable improvements on my abs, gluteus, chest and back .I feel stronger and more motivated than ever before. Allan analyzes your nutrition in detail and offers suggestions that greatly improve your chances of getting the weight off and the job done. I really saw how I am responsible for my own life and nobody else can get this done but me. Allan helps me with that as well . He helps you with what you want to get done. and what you desire. This program has helped me break my old habits and create ne ones.

- Stephen Ladd, Calgary AB



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