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Fitness Boot Camps Canada Bootcampers love to share their success stories! The following comments are from real bootcampers’ written testimonials and interviews.

Congratulations Tanya
Already in one Month You have lost 8LBS of Body Fat.

Just look at Tanya after 4 months in Boot Camp Looking lean hot and Sexy!!

April 5th 2008
Congratulations Darcy:
Already in one Month You have lost 12 LBS of Body Fat.

Darcy has been powerfull in his bootcamp program, so can you!!!

June 20th 2008
Hi Alan, Things are going great. I am still looking fabulous - Thank
You! I am getting ready for the month of July in Europe. I hope things
are great for you too

Velma Scott, PLand BA
Consulting Landman
Barnwell of Canada, Limited
Phone (403) 531-1568
Fax (403) 266-4124
Cell (403) 689-0409

May 27th 2008
Finally no rain, Sunrise at Boot Camp

May 16th 2008
Hiking at Boot camp, Boot Camp Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

Make New Friends

May 15th 2008
Dear Allan:
So far in BootCamp this is what I've accomplished.
So far... I've lost 7 lbs of body fat!!!!!
I've noticed toned tighter muscles, and so have all my customers and friends.
Over all vitality, energy, wellness.
I would recommend your Bootcamp to anybody, (and have) looking to lose weight, get in shape and have lots of fun.
Look Fabulous,...Be Fabulous!
Tina Flinn

April 29, 2008
Hey Allan:
I’m finding that the instruction is beneficial. Good tips and advice on how to perform the exercises in the weight room correctly. I thought I was pretty much up to speed on technique but you have shown me better ways. I’m doing a lot more ab and leg work than previously attending the gym on my own. Also getting better informed on diet and adhering to proper amounts of protein. I’ve found it interesting tracking the daily food intake on the Excel spread sheet. Overall good experience.

Thanks Don Conn

April 16, 2008
Dear Allan:
Easily fitting into size 28 jeans I can't recall ever being below a size 29 - even before three kids!
Have bought my first pair of shorts in 7 years! I finally feel like I have the confidence to wear shorts again!
My energy is limitless! My mood is always upbeat!
My strength has improved immensely. I used to struggle getting the seats out of my mini-van( even with assistance), Now I can do it on my own with ease.
It is so easy to stick with the workouts and eating plan. I am a mother of three ranging from 2years to 7 years and there is school, preschool, swimming, gymnastics, art classes, and soccer for the kids, and I am a part time student and I also work part time. If I can find the time to do the workouts and the eating plan, anyone can!
I I have made great friends already at the boot camp. Immediately, we know we have something in common - the desire to be healthier, fitter and to enjoy each day to its maximum potential!

Michelle Frampton <michelle.frampton@shaw.ca>

April 8th 2008
Congratulations Jackie
Already in one Month You have lost 33.4 LBS of Body Fat to date.


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