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Fitness Boot Camps Canada Bootcampers love to share their success stories! The following comments are from real bootcampers’ written testimonials and interviews.

JULY 19TH 2008
As part of the $50,000 makeover contest Jared was in our Boot camp for 3 months. He
gained 18lbs of lean muscle mass. If you are the kind of guy who just can't gain weight no matter what we can help you.
Gaining weight for some is just as difficult as losing weight for others.
Here is his testimonial:


Lots has changed for me in the last three months. Most notably, my body feels better than it has in at least ten years. I have more energy and feel much more comfortable doing physical tasks or activities. My eating habits have also had a huge impact on my body. I find that I do not crave junk food or sugary foods anymore and when I do eat them my body (stomach) does not take kindly to it. Eating better and regular exercise have definitely become a staple in my life and it feels great.

It's almost hard to decide on what I've felt more of a change in, my body or my mind. My confidence level is higher than it's ever been, empowering me with a sense that I can accomplish anything. I now have goals set out for myself and methods and teachings for which to achieve them. I have also gained an ability to not over-react to the smaller happenings in life and am able to separate things I can control from that which I cannot control. Don't sweat it, tomorrows a new day. In all, I feel great, I feel I look great and I'm happy to be alive and healthy. Thanks for everything, Allan. I gave it an honest effort and I'm quite happy with my new lifestyle.

Jared Demich

Congratulations Tanya
Already in one Month You have lost 8LBS of Body Fat.

Just look at Tanya after 4 months in Boot Camp Looking lean hot and Sexy!!

April 5th 2008
Congratulations Darcy:
Already in one Month You have lost 12 LBS of Body Fat.

Darcy has been powerfull in his bootcamp program, so can you!!!

June 20th 2008
Hi Alan, Things are going great. I am still looking fabulous - Thank
You! I am getting ready for the month of July in Europe. I hope things
are great for you too

Velma Scott, PLand BA
Consulting Landman
Barnwell of Canada, Limited
Phone (403) 531-1568
Fax (403) 266-4124
Cell (403) 689-0409

May 27th 2008
Finally no rain, Sunrise at Boot Camp

May 16th 2008
Hiking at Boot camp, Boot Camp Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!


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