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Fitness Boot Camps Canada Bootcampers love to share their success stories! The following comments are from real bootcampers’ written testimonials and interviews.

DEC 9th 2008
Hey Allan:
I took these pictures myself at home before I started your program and then 6 months later.
I was so embarrassed to wear a bathing suit or shorts any where.
As You can see its a very noticeable improvement.
I would recommend your classes to anyone going on the beach in the future.
Thank you again.
Linda Shields

NOV 10th 2008
Hey Allan Check this out, My Butt after 12 weeks of boot camp, my boyfriend can't believe the difference and either can I. You and your program Rocks!!

Melissa Jacobs.

OCT 13th 2008
Hey Allan

I found this picture it was taken when we were in Vegas 1 week after I started boot camp. What a difference 4 months of boot camp made. Thank you so much I feel great! I never thought I would actually enjoy working out especially at 5:30am but I had so much fun I would recommend fitness boot camp to anyone looking to lose weight and/or get in shape. Before I started boot camp I thought I would never be happy with the way I looked but it is amazing what diet and exercise can do. I feel better about myself now then I ever have and you have taught me that exercise can be fun. Before this I was embarrassed to try to do any kind of physical activity I never wanted to go to the gym because I had no idea what to do and I didn’t think I could get in shape. My husband tried to convince me that I should join his soccer team but I didn’t want to look foolish or for people to notice how out of shape I was but I am now considering playing with them next season I am no longer afraid to at least try new things before I would have been consumed with thoughts like “I can’t do that or talk to that person because they will think I am fat”. I didn’t even want to buy new clothes because every time I went shopping I would have to buy a bigger size but now I can’t stop shopping ( : I went from a size 10–12 to a size 4-6 I cannot believe that I can fit into a size 4 now I have the opposite problem every time I go to mall I have to go down a size and I still cannot believe it. My mother in law bought me a pair of pants in a size 4 I told her there is no way I will fit into them but I totally did! Everyone I know cannot believe the difference in the way I look and it is all thanks to you Thank you so much Allan and I defiantly will come back to boot camp one day just because it was so awesome!!!

Sept 30th 2008
Congratulations to Kim for losing 20 lbs of Body fat, Changing her life and looking so hot and sexy!
Kim just signed up for another 2 months of boot camp, why? Because our boot camp program is the only one with a money back guarantee! You can start your transformation and make a permanent change in your life as well!!! Just click on register and start your transformation today!!
Kim busted her """ in Bootcamp, she is the bomb!

SEPT 8TH 2008
Dear Allan:
Thank you so much, your boot camp was great and I needed help and you were there. After I had my baby I needed to fit into my wedding dress and I was panicked. I cant believe I lost almost 40lbs in 2 months a I felt beautiful in my wedding dress. You made me feel like a princess and I was so happy you came to see me get married. Thank you forever.
Andrea Altamirano
Looking absolutley ravishing in her White Wedding  Dress, you look beautiful Andrea!



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