What is Motivational Coaching?
Why this boot camp?
What if I'm not very physically fit?

Whether you are 100lbs or 300 lbs,18 or 80, NOBODY will be left behind or asked to complete more than they are capable of doing safely. Nor will anybody go home unchallenged!

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Find the Perfect Plan:
Fitness Boot Camp Canada has programs to fit men and women of all ages and levels of fitness. So what’s right for you? It all depends on what you want to do for your body and what is on your horizon.

What is the Fitness Boot Camps Canada Adventure?

A four-week minimum outdoor (indoor in winter) program of fitness instruction, nutritional counseling and motivational training. You will be inspired and have fun while participating in a fantastic workout led by Certified Fitness Boot Camps Canada Fitness Trainers. Each day, camp will be one hour in length starting at 5:30 , 12 noon downtown. or 530 pm. New locations and times are opening on a regular basis as we expand.

What makes this camp and program different than any other Boot camp and any other fitness program in the world? Our Program is the ONLY Boot Camp program that includes:
*A backend clients only forum (A $2000 value free with your program)!
*A full nutritional detailed eating plan including Software.
*A detailed body evaluation, including a body fat assessment so you will be able to lose FAT NOT MUSCLE OR WATER on your program, measurements,before and after pictures so you can see your results.
(We have heard some other bootcamp programs give you a tape measure and tel you to go home and measure yourself) that's like your car mechanic telling you to go and fix your car yourself at home with a screwdriver he gave you and then charging you for it, what a joke.
*Ongoing evaluations throughout your whole program.
*Motivational and informational coaching call every week.
*Hundreds of free recipies that are easy to make and the whole family can eat.
Find the Perfect Plan: Fitness Boot Camp Canada has programs to fit men and women of all ages and levels of fitness- depending on your long term health and fitness goals.
1. We have payment plans on all Multiple Month packages.
Co-ed Boot Camps: What we call old faithful.
Get in shape, tone up, change your lifestyle and lose (or gain) weight as necessary. Fun, safe, interactive and includes nutrition, a detailed evaluation, and group coaching. 5, 3 or 2 days a week.
2. Biggest Loser Boot Camp Challenge:
You want to lose as much weight and body fat as possible in 12 weeks- winning $5000 in cash and prizes wouldn't be bad either. Just like The Biggest Loser on TV you need a partner and if you don't have one we can get you one.
3. Bikini Body Boot Camp:
Going on vacation somewhere tropical? We will concentrate on your thighs, Butt and Abs. This program is designed to get your lower half in Bikini Body Shape in 8 weeks.
4. Bridal Party Boot Camp:
So you’re getting married, congratulations. You know those wedding pictures will last forever. You want to fit into your wedding dress. This program is 4 - 16 weeks depending on how much you need to lose. The only question is how fabulous do you want to look on your big day?
5. Teen Power Hour™:
Calling all parents who want to get their 11-17 years olds back into shape and back off the couch. Are you concerned about your teen’s fitness? Well so are we. Designed to be a teaching program- fun and interactive- this program is a minimum 4 weeks and designed to help teens get into shape and teach them about fitness and nutrition. Get in shape, lose weight and learn healthy lifestyle habits- all in a fun, safe group environment.
6. Schedule
Participants will meet every Monday through Friday for one hour during your four week to 1 year program. All participants will be expected to arrive on time. Camp starts 5 minutes before the scheduled starting time. On rainy or snowy days we meet inside. In the winter we meet indoors.
7. Program costs
Each four week boot camp has a registration fee of $299 for 12 hours of instruction or $399 for 20 hours! That's just $19.95 per hour. This is also the ONLY boot camp anywhere to include high end Life coaching. Where else can you get premiere fitness instruction plus lifestyle coaching for that incredible price? Personal trainers can typically charge $60 to $120 per hour for their services – with Fitness Boot Camps Canada you get more- for less.
What types of exercises are included in the program?
Exercises include: Light to intense weight training ( all done with light to Med weights, you will never bulk up), Core conditioning, short distance running (less than one mile), muscular strength, jumping rope, circuit training, hiking, sport yoga, fitness kick boxing, pilate's, sport drills, obstacle courses, surprises,fun and more!
What types of exercises are included in the program?
Basically Every 2 weeks there is a new program starting.
Why you should join our program.
Over the last few years we've seen so many boot camp operations spring up. Do they have what we have? They Don't do a proper evaluation on you, no good body composition testing,( if you lost 10 lbs of laen muscle in thier camp would you know?) We have detailed sound nutritional plans for you to follow so you learn all about what is a good eating plan not just another diet. We have a client only forum with over $2000 of free information, software, PDF's articles and more.
What you can expect in the first 30 days:
3-5% reduction in body fat
Greatly improved posture
Better relaxation
5-12 pounds of fat lost
1-3 inch decrease in the midsection
25% improvement in endurance
25% increase in strength
What you can expect after 2-3 months:
15- 30 lbs of fat lost
A much better understading of nutrition
One hour a day for 4 or 5 weeks
One hour a day for 4 or 5 weeks
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