Get fit and have fun at boot camp!!

Imagine having the body you love!

Bikini Body Boot camp season is always right around the corner, whether its summer time or your going on vacation in January--but there's still time to get yourself in top condition. In this exclusive program created by renowned trainer Allan H. Fine ., you'll learn how to use a small dumbbells to up the results of familiar exercises, toning your show-off zones without increasing your training time.

Ladies- We have heard you loud and clear! You don’t have to spend another summer on the sidelines of fun when you are too insecure to take off your cover up!

This is the time to re-invent yourself and reveal the NEW YOU!

We have heard your cries loud and clear and have your solution! The fail-proof, tried and true Bikini Body Boot camp

We are speaking from our own personal experiences, and for other women who have gained the same results from Bikini Body Boot camp and are enjoying their new Bikini Boot Camp Body!

Myth #1
No matter how hard I work or how good I eat- I will NEVER look like a Bikini Model?.

FALSE!Even when all the odds seem against you, you (genetics, age, etc) you can and WILL look like a Bikini Model using the tips and techniques you will find in the Bikini Body Boot camp.

Myth #2
It would take years I would have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a personal trainers and plastic surgery to have the Bikini Boot Camp Body!

FALSE! You can and will achieve that coveted Bikini Model look with our Highly intensive but safe program that inculdes detailed butrtion and constant supervision. All you have to do is show up at 100%.

Myth #3
I’m too old to have a Bikini Boot Camp Body!

FALSE! You are never too old to start looking and feeling your very best!

Myth #4
I will have to take heart rate increasing fat burners, caffeinated energy drinks or even ephedrine to get the Bikini Boot Camp Body.

FALSE! You don’t have to take any of those things because this program is doctor approved, fat blasting program! It’s a healthy sound and balanced program designed for women who want to look like they walked out of a swimwear catalogue.

Myth # 5
I would have to hire an expensive nutritionist to create a personalized diet for me to look like a Bikini Model.

FALSE! Nutritionists are not necessary! They do not specialize in sports related athletic goals and objectives. WE provide a nutrition and Supplementation program - thus much more qualified to tell you what you need than a generic nutritionist. In addition you will be wasting your time, money and energy listening to a mainstream dietician who really only relies upon the word “diet”.
(Question- What are the first 3 letters of the word DIET- Exactly! We don’t want you to die- we want you to live and live optimally looking and feeling like a Bikini Model.)

Myth #6
I have to starve myself to look as good as a Bikini Model.

FALSE! With our Bikini Body Boot camp you will actually be eating more, and eating more, more often! I will even tell you the foods you MUST EAT in order to LOSE WEIGHT! You will NEVER go hungry on this plan!

Myth #7
I will become a slave to looking like a Bikini Model. and I will have to seclude myself from everyone to look like those cover girls.

FALSE! You will discover that it is all about forming great habits as so many successful Bikini Models have and so can you! In the Bikini Body Boot camp you will workout 5 times a week, 1 hour a day. You will so much more time to enjoy with your friends and family and to lead a normal life!

Myth #8
I would have to join some kind of neighborhood weight loss center, where they really dont look like bikini models themselves and suffer those embarrassing weekly weigh- ins to look like a Bikini Model . I would have to purchase and eat tasteless prepackaged and processed so called “healthy meals” that really taste like card board and are high in sodium.

FALSE! Many “ex” neighborhood weight loss center members have come to us in desperation after finding out the hard way that those highly marketed systems do not work! They are left still heavy and empty pocketed. The local weight loss centers treat their customers as mindless cattle-they herd them in, sell them processed prepackaged foods to and tell them to do cardio! With the Bikini Body Boot camp you will learn personal positive characteristics such as self accountability, the secrets of weight training, why excessive cardio doesn’t work and just how simple it really is without the embarrassing weekly weigh ins!

Myth #9
I will have to endure painful, endless sessions of at least 2 hours of cardio a day to get these kinds of results

FALSE! With the Bikini Body Boot camp you will learn how to work out smarter not harder- People who train for more than 2 hours a day are overtraining and end up hindering rather than helping themselves. With our Bikini Body Boot camp, you will learn exactly what to do and your workouts will last no longer than one hour 5 times a week! After all I am speaking from experience- I have 2 kids and a business to run and don't have 3 hours a day to train in the gym!

Myth #10
I just had a baby- I will never have my Bikini Body back!

FALSE! Many mothers, including YOU can get into the best shape of their lives after having babies and so can you!

Myth #11
I haven’t worn my skinny jeans in years- I will never be able to bounce back and get your Body back..

FALSE! No matter how long you have been out of shape or how many pounds you have to lose, the Bikini Body Boot camp works because of its fat blasting, metabolism boosting, calorie burning properties.

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Get a Bikini Body, Tone , Lose Weight, and get in great shape!

Our 8 Week Program will kick your Butt!! ( And get into in great Shape)


8 Weeks for $675.00 ( and we'll give you 4 weeks free)

This Program occurs within all our Boot Camps. Your instructor will target your, Hips, Buns, Thighs and abs. Sculpting them and getting those hard to train Bikini areas in great shape in no time.
Here are the locations:
Bowness / Shawnessy/North Glenmore Park/Noon Classes/Stanley Park/Marda Loop/ Evening Classes



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