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Fitness Boot Camps Canada now offers Boot Camps and Franchise's nationwide. Contact us for more information.
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"Allan is a nice guy and he wants you to succeed and pushes you when you need it. I never thought I would get up to work out at 5:30am……I mean really… I love my sleep but I had no excuse for Allan why I couldn't get up."
Cindi Miller

"My goal for the boot camp was to lose 10 pounds and that is exactly what I did. I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life now."
Liya Mathew

"Dropping 2 inches in my waist and leaning out my body to 9% (from 18%) was the result and just in time for my wedding in Jamaica! "
Emil Chow

"I love being busy! I love playing soccer, watching my daughter play soccer, meeting new people and singing Karaoke on Friday nights. My happiness is about keeping busy, active and doing well at everything I do. Key word is succeeding in everything I do! That is what I mostly desire! I have motivation, but it’s usually short lived. Like a New Year’s Resolution….January is a great start, but by February, I have lost the ‘Can-do’ attitude and go back to my comfortable ways of life.
I have had amazing results after 5 ½ weeks of boot camp

Loretta Paglinawan -Calgary


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Fitness Boot Camps in Calgary and Canada.
Fitness Trainers, Learn all the secrets of how we became #1 on Google all over Canada.
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Fitness Boot Camps Canada - Real Fitness for Real People!
Our program is medically designed to help you lose weight, tone your body, educate you about nutrition, support you with a great trainer and weekly coaching sessions. Are you ready for a lifestyle change?

Step 1. Browse our locations, camps for the program that suits you.
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Fitness Boot Camps Canada now offers in home personal training services.
Just go to our Contact page and send us your inquiry!

Update Joe has lost over 60lbs of body fat since August 4th 2009!

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“It was a pleasure to be in Allan’s class. He is very committed to making the class meaningful and valuable to every participant. Read More...
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